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Top 20 Security Awareness Slogans, Catchphrases, And Taglines

Публикувано: 2018-09-29 16:02:07

This article presents the top 20 popular security awareness slogans, catch phrases and taglines with short explanations and remarks. Differing slogans below the chart that explain the same problem are excluded to avoid repetition.

  1. University of Michigan’s comparison of passwords to underwear: “Passwords are like underwear: they need to be changed often, it is not a good idea to share them with friends, the longer they are the better they are, and it’s better for them to be mysterious and not left lying around.”This definitely leads the chart as it explains in detail and in an entertaining way a crucial aspect of security.
  2. Don’t let your trash become someone else’s treasure. Feed your shredder often.This catch phrase points out the importance of preventing dumpster diving in an intriguing way. It surely deserves the second place of the chart.
  3. Control + Alt + Delete when you leave your seat. This slogan points out the need to log off or turn your computer off before leaving the desk. It represents an important aspect of everyday work security in a rather catchy way.
  4. Before leaving the scene, clear your desk and your screen. This slogan points out not to leave your machine ready for usage, or any notes and work-related data when you are away so that it can’t be misused. It is an elaboration of the previous slogan that is easier to remember.
  5. Think before you click.This slogan gives the idea that a single click can change everything; such as a click on a phishing email link, a click to download a malicious attachment and so on. A brief yet important message.
  6. Loose lips might sink ships/Prevent security breaches by being careful with your speeches.This obviously refers to the need to keep sensitive information private and be cautious when you communicate with third-parties.
  7. You’re a big fine hard drive, won’t you back that thing up.

    This refers to the need for backups of all valuable company data.

  8. Don’t let yours get ripped off. This slogan clearly refers to the need to protect identities, personal information, etc.
  9. Report data spills before molehills become mountains or small leaks become fountains. A timely/immediate response in case of a data spill can make a huge difference.
  10. Protect personal information. The identity saved could be your own. Personal information is protected by the data protection laws which prohibit the misuse or disclosure of information held on private individuals. Information cannot be shared unless authorized by law or/and with the consent of the private individual.
  11. SEC_RITY is not complete without U! Typically every employee, no matter the rank or position, is in possession of some information or equipment and needs to ensure its security for the organization they are a part of.
  12. A worker once left her ID
    Unattended, where all could see.
    It disappeared that day.
    And we’re sorry to say
    So did the company’s IP.

This slogan represents everybody’s responsibility towards the organization’s security, the need for security awareness and that everybody plays a role in securing an organization (the You in security).

  1. If something sounds too good to be true… there’s probably a scammer behind it.
  2. Security in projects are like oil super-tankers, when steering them they need small incremental changes early in order to avoid last minute radical changes that result in a wreck.


  3. The bug stops here. Use anti-malware programs to prevent virus infections.
  4. Phishing: If you suspect deceit, hit delete!
  5. Don’t leave a trail from your cookies. This slogan pinpoints the need to clear your browser’s cookies and history often in order not to leave a trail for other potential users of the machine.
  6. When you and your system part away, your system should be first off for the day.
  7. A check that does not bounce is called the Security Check. Do it every day before you leave! Security checks should be made whenever a device is no longer operational for the day or for a break.
  8. Restart is Smart! This slogan pinpoints that restarting often is good as patches and updates may be installed on the system.


Below are some mottos which have been left out from the chart due to representing concepts already elucidated in different wordings in the chart.

  • Be aware! Connect with care.
  • Don’t get hooked by phishers!
  • You are at the center of security.
  • Passwords are like dirty socks. If left laying around, they’ll create a stinky mess.
  • A computer without security is like a fish … well, you know (out of water) – computers should be secured through passwords, encryption, firewalls, as well as the network they belong to and the user who uses them.
  • There’s no excuse for computer misuse.
  • Because we care, we’re security aware.
  • Give your computer a rest when you’re not at your desk.
  • Treat your password like a toothbrush, never share it and change it every couple of months.
  • Passwords: Longer is stronger.
  • Good passwords are easy to remember and hard to guess.
  • Lock your computer when away from your desk, it only takes seconds for someone else to do something in your name.
  • Every script should be secured.
  • Don’t be shy about protecting PII.
  • Good security increases shareholder value.
  • Information security is the immune system in the body of business.
  • Compliance is the residue of good security.
  • Data spills provide no thrills (unless you’re the bad guy).
  • Loose clicks invite hacker tricks.











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